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About the Labour Party

The Labour Party is a major mainstream party in British politics. Following the resignation of Ed Miliband in May 2015 the party ran a contest for a new leader. 

On 12th September 2015, the Labour Party entered a new chapter in its history and elected left-wing back bench MP, Jeremy Corbyn. Following criticism that Mr Corbyn did not campaign passionately or effectively enough during the European Referendum for an 'In' vote Labour MPs began to turn on Mr Corbyn. Following the sacking of Hillary Benn as Shadow Foreign Secretary all but a handful members of his shadow cabinet stayed in post. 

On 11th July 2016 following a vote of no confidence by 172 Labour MPs former Shadow Business Secretary Angela Eagle declared that she would mount a leadership challenge against Mr Corbyn. She was joined by Owen Smith former Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

Who is Angela Eagle? - Find out here

Who is Owen Smith? - Find out here

In September 2016 with Angela Eagle dropping out of the race, Mr Corbyn was once again elected as Leader of the Labour Party. 

Leader of the Labour Party

Read about Jeremy Corbyn MP and watch his acceptance speech here.

Key People

  • Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Labour Party – Jeremy Corbyn MP
  • Deputy Leader of the Labour Party - Tom Watson MP
  • Shadow Chancellor – John McDonnell MP
  • Shadow Foreign & Brexit Secretary – Emily Thornberry MP
  • Labour London Mayor 2016 - Sadiq Khan MP 

Features of the Labour Party

Emerging in 1900 as a parliamentary pressure group the Labour Party regard the creation of the National Health Service, the welfare state and laws on equality as major achievements. 

The party also points to its mass membership, modernisation and securing the election of over 100 female Members of Parliament. But it acknowledges that despite success since its creation there has been a significant amount of time out of office brought about by ‘division’ and ‘disunity.’

Labour Party conference 2016

Jeremy Corbyn addresses the Labour Party Conference in 2016 following his re-election as Leader.

John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor addresses the 2016 party conference in Liverpool during 'socialism' speech

  • Read Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell's speech to conference last year in full here. 

The Leadership Contest 2015

The candidates were:

  • Andy Burnham MP, Yvette Cooper MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP and Liz Kendall MP

Find out more about them here 

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