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A First-Time Voter - Why I'm Voting Labour by Abby King

Friday, June 20, 2014


This is the first blog to kick off our series asking first time voters how they will cast their vote in next year's General Election.  

I’m Abby, an 18-year-old student from Reading, Berkshire. 

As a first time voter I am so excited to get stuck in to politics, something I feel strongly about for every young person. 

In next year’s General Election I will be voting for The Labour Party, the party of the people. Undoubtedly one of Labour’s greatest achievements is the founding of the National Health Service, and I believe this service is only truly safe under a Labour government. The Tories have burdened what was once a proud symbol of Great Britain with endless unnecessary bureaucracy, we need to protect the NHS in order for the NHS to protect us. 

Secondly, there is the issue of the Economy. Through my study of Economics over the past two years I have come to the conclusion that austerity simply isn’t working; George Osborne has gone too far, too soon. How can we expect our economy to grow if there is no money flowing into it? With Ed Balls as Chancellor of the Exchequer there will be jobs for the unemployed and cash for those who need it, leading me swiftly on to Benefits. Need I even mention the Bedroom Tax? It is a cruel measure, punishing some of Britain’s most vulnerable, one that will quickly be overturned with Ed Miliband as Prime Minister.

I conclude now with my views on the European Union. I fully believe Britain has a place in the EU and leaving it would cause an economic disaster, hence why I would not dream of voting UKIP or dare I say it, the BNP. 

England is a country I am proud to live in but we must act now to preserve its future. 

Voting is a privilege and a right that many fought hard to achieve. Don’t waste it, vote Labour.


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