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Tackling Radicalisation: “Poisonous” extremist ideology must be confronted says PM

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


A bold move just days into a Conservative majority, Prime Minister David Cameron has set out the new powers he thinks are needed to tackle radicalisation and extremism.

The PM said the UK had been a "passively tolerant society" for too long and will tell his first meeting of the National Security Council that he will put forward a new counter-extremism bill within the Queen’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament on 27th May.

The bill is expected to include the following:

  • New immigration rules on extremists
  • Strengthening Ofcom to take action against those channels broadcasting extremist content
  • Banning orders for extremist organisations who use hate speech in public places, but whose activities fall short of it being proscribed as a terror group.
  • Strengthening the powers of the Charity Commission to find and deal with organisations that are funding extremism or terrorism
  • Powers to close down premises used by extremists
  • Extremism disruption orders to restrict people who seek to influence others with their extreme views

It’s about British Values

Speaking about the contents for the new bill Theresa May, recently reappointed as Home Secretary said, the government wants to "bring people together to ensure we are living together as one society."

She said: "What we are proposing is a bill which will have certain measures within it, measures such as introducing banning orders for groups and disruption orders for individuals, for those who are out there actively trying to promote this hatred and intolerance which can lead to division in our society and undermines our British values.

"But it will be part of a bigger picture , a strategy which will also have as a key part of it actually promoting our British values, our values of democracy, rule of law, tolerance and acceptance of different faiths."

The measures, she added, will focus on "extremism of all sorts... that is seeking to promote hatred, that is seeking to divide our society, that is seeking to undermine the very values that make us a great country to live in."



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