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David Cameron to step down as UK Prime Minister following Brexit

Friday, June 24, 2016


At 8:15am on 24 June 2016, the Prime Minister David Cameron walked to the podium outside Downing Street to offer his resignation.

There was a clear indication from the outset as his wife stood by his side that the PM had decided that due to the decision to leave the European Union his position was untenable. He used the opportunity to set out his legacy then in his own words, Mr Cameron claimed he would steady the ship but could not be the Captain who led the exit negotiations with the EU. Towards the end of his short seven minute speech the PM's voice began to break with emotion.

The Prime Minister had fought very hard and held a central role in the remain campaign. The issuing of very strong statements for example that Brexit would put a 'bomb under the UK economy' had led many to expect this announcement due to a weakening of the PM's position to work with the EU on an exit.

The resignation will trigger a leadership campaign within the Conservative Party where it is expected that leading Brexit supporters will come forward. These include Boris Johnson MP, Liam Fox MP and Michael Gove. It is unlikely that Theresa May, previously a big contender, would gain support within the parliamentary party and once the heir to Cameron, George Osborne's future looks to be intwined with his close friend the PM.

Watch David Cameron's Resignation Speech


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