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General Election 2015

Conservative Chairman accused of repeatedly editing Wikipedia entries

Grant Shapps, chairman of the Conservative Party has denied claims made by the Guardian newspaper that on several occasions he edited entries about both himself and fellow MPs. The paper also claims that this has led Wikipedia to block an account it believes is being used inappropriately by Mr. Shapps.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr. Shapps said that the allegations were "categorically false and defamatory" and “the most bonkers story I've seen in this election campaign so far." 

It is reported that Mr. Shapps will bring a complaint against both the Guardian, for breaching media guidelines during an election period, and Wikipedia at their HQ in California.

Mr. Shapps is accused of ‘sock-puppetry’ whereby a fake identity is used to mislead other people.

The Guardian states that Wikipedia barred a user called Contribsx from making further changes after its volunteer "administrators" found the account had removed references to Mr Shapps' past business activities. 

Described as “nonsense” by Mr. Shapps, the administrator reportedly told the paper they believed the account was "either run by Shapps directly" or by someone else "but under his clear direction".

During a campaign trip to Bedford, the Prime Minister stated that ‘Grant does a great job…and I have nothing to add” Regardless, much like the ‘back-stabbing’ comments made by Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, it will be seen as an unwelcome distraction.

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