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We want to put you at the centre of British politics and history.

It's all free and whether you're studying history, politics or just interested in these fascinating subjects, we're putting everything all in one place. No more searching around or jumping from site to site to get the information you need. 

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Getting the foundations 

The 'knowledge banks' along the top give you an essential foundation. Don't know how laws are made?, what a political party is? or the role of the Queen? No problem. These contain all the information you need and is suitable for age 11+. 

We've also put in some areas that you may cover at the different 'key stages' in the UK such as the First World War, Mary Queen of Scots, King Alfred the Great and the Norman and Tudor Dynasties.

Portals for your level of study

There are dedicated Advanced Level (16+) and University Study Portals (18+). We've worked with academics to put together information, debate and analysis for free that will help with your core subjects as well as more specialized areas. 

Extra study features 

You can also access our fully referenced Quote Finder Service and visit the BRIT library where you'll find speeches and fact sheets. 

You can also get some useful hints and tips from the Study Assistant. 

As well as our in-house team of writers, you get to read (and use for your work) exclusive articles and blogs from academic experts, young people and those within society who live and breathe the issues affecting Britain today.

How to reference us in your essays and papers

We appreciate that you may need to reference pages from our site in your essays or papers. 

BRIT POLITICS was launched in 2013 so if you're using the Harvard system then an example would look like the one below. If you need to know more about referencing take a look at the Harvard Referencing Generator page (external link)

  • Brit Politics. 2013. Causes of the English Civil War. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 14 November 2016].

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  • TOP QUOTE: "There's a lot of times that both myself and my brother wish, obviously, that we were just completely normal." Prince Harry. 

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