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BRISTOL - prediction and result no overall control

This is the only big city, apart from Bradford and London, that Labour does not control, mainly because of a strong Lib Dem presence on the council. Elections took place here in 2013 and 2012. 

Labour should win Lockleaze and Whitchurch Park easily from the Lib Dems.  If they improve on 2011, which they did do in 2013, they would also win Brislington West, Hengrove and Knowle from the Lib Dems.

Southville is a Labour/Green battleground, the Lib Dems are defending Horfield, where they came third in 2013 with the Conservative squeaking in ahead of Labour, and Kingsweston, where an Independent narrowly beat Labour in 2013 but there is no Independent this time.

IF Labour won all these they would take control of the council but it is a big ask and a worrying feature for them is the failure to make progress in Bishopsworth and Henbury that the Conservative only won narrowly in 2010. 

The Greens may take Bishopston from the Lib Dems as they won easily here in 2013.

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