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CHELTENHAM - prediction and result Lib Dem hold

The Lib Dems control the council as well as the Parliamentary seat and it is one of the councils that elects a half every two years so the Lib Dems are defending 16 seats from 2010.  

Nevertheless 10 Lib Dem seats were safely held by them in 2010 and 2012 so the remaining 6 are vital, although in Lansdown which the Conservatives are defending did not give them much of a majority in either year.  

The Conservatives should win Warden Hill where they won very easily in 2012 and probably Benhall and the Reddings, but their win was close in Leckhampton.  The Lib Dems still held All saints, Charlton Kings and Up Hatherley in 2012 and it is difficult to see them losing all these wards. A People Against Bureaucracy Party has been winning two wards – presumably a Bureaucracy against People Party would not have been so successful.

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