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PENDLE - prediction and result No Overall Control

Pendle, which includes the towns of Nelson and Colne, is one of a group of Pennine local authorities where all the three main parties have strong areas of support and it is difficult for any of them to gain a majority on the council.  Labour should win Reedley from the Conservatives and either the Conservatives or Labour can win Vivary Bridge from the Lib Dems.  

The Conservatives and Lib Dems fight it out in Craven and Horsfield with widely different results in the recent past.  The BNP have one of their last remaining councillors in the country in Marsden ward but with the party imploding nationally they are likely to lose this. 

The Conservatives won the ward in 2012 but with UKIP standing and no Lib Dem, Labour may be able to mobilise the centre-left vote to take the ward. NOC again here although the Conservatives and Lib Dems have joint control of the executive positions on the council and look likely to continue this arrangement. 

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