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PETERBOROUGH -  prediction and result Conservative hold

The Conservatives have a majority of 10 here over a range of other parties and independents, including surprisingly the old pre-merger Liberal Party who look set to retain Dogthorpe ward easily. Labour should win Bretton North and East after successes in 2011 and 2013. 

They had good wins in Fletton and Orton Longueville in 2012 and so may be able to repeat these albeit more narrowly, while they won Park in 2011 but not in 2012 so this may also be possible. 

Close results in Paston, which they just won, and Stanground Central, which they just lost, may be too difficult this year and Labour does not seem to be performing well enough to win the parliamentary seat.  

Newborough is close between an independent and a Conservative and Werrington South which the Lib Dems are defending against the Conservatives is also a marginal.  

Only if everything goes wrong for the Conservatives or UKIP support spills over from their nearby east Anglian successes will they lose control.   

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