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RUGBY - prediction and result Conservative hold

Mark Pawsey won the constituency for the Conservatives in 2010 with a fairly large swing and so is sitting on a significant 6000 majority and the Conservatives have a majority of 8 on the council which has almost the same boundaries. 

Ward boundaries have been redrawn so there was an election of the whole council in 2012 and this year the lowest winning candidate in a number of wards has to retire or defend their seat.  

Labour were close to the bottom Conservatives in Admirals and Cawston ward and in Coton and Boughton ward, though they could only field one candidate for a three member ward, but they will find it difficult to improve on these results so their best bet is in Rokesby and Overslade ward which was split between the parties.  Labour challenges the Lib Dems in Eastlands but the latter should still hold on and also had a large majority last time in Paddox. 

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