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ST ALBANS - prediction and result No Overall Control

Labour won the constituency in 1997 and 2001 but their vote slumped in 2010 with the Lib Dems coming close behind the Conservatives.  

The Conservatives have exactly half the seats on the council with the Lib Dems holding nearly three times as many as Labour.  

Labour should win Sopwell and Batchwood easily from the Lib Dems and just managed to beat them in Ashley in 2012. If the Conservatives hold London Colney which was split with Labour in 2012 and can gain either Marshalswick North or Park Street where they are always close with the Lib Dems then they would take the council.  

However, the Lib Dems won Verulam from the Conservatives in 2012 and the Conservatives have to defend it again this year.  

Given that everything rarely all goes the way any party wants in marginals and that UKIP may eat into the Conservative vote, NOC looks the most likely result. 

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