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REDBRIDGE -  prediction and result Labour gain

This is Labour’s best prospect of a win in London which is why Ed Milliband went there during the campaign. 

It used to be a safe Conservative borough but the long term trend has been towards Labour and the Conservatives at present have 30 seats to Labour’s 26 and the Lib Dem’s 7. 

Labour should win Aldborough, Cranbrook and Clayhall, the split wards with the Conservatives in 2010 and Valentines, split with the Lib Dems to give them 7 more councillors and overall control.  

If the London opinion poll is right they would win Hainault with a 3% swing, Wanstead at 4%, Barkingside at 5% and Snaresbrook at 5% to give them a large majority and good prospects in the Ilford North parliamentary seat next year. 

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