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WELWYN HATFIELD -  prediction and result Conservative hold

This is a Parliamentary constituency which has been a Conservative/Labour marginal since the 1970s but went strongly to the Conservatives in the last two general elections with Grant Shepps as MP.  

Although the Conservatives may lose between 3 and 6 council seats, their existing majority is enough to keep them in control and they should win Handside from the Lib Dems.  

Labour would expect to win Haldens, Hollybush and Hatfield Central and, if they do as well as last year, could win Hatfield West and Howlands but these will be close.  

Peartree was won by the Conservatives in 2010 but has been a Labour/Lib Dem battleground in the last two years and the Lib Dems look like needing this ward to keep representation on the council.

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