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WEST LANCASHIRE   Too close to call, result NOC

Labour held the Parliamentary Constituency, which includes the new town of Skelmersdale, fairly comfortably in 2010 but the Conservatives have a majority of 2 on the council with no other parties represented.  

The Conservatives are defending 11 wards but 9 are in the more rural areas and safely Conservative.  Labour had a good win to gain Knowsley in 2012 and should win again but their gain in Burscough East in the same year was surprisingly narrow and they would have to repeat this performance again to win the council.  

Labour won the county council seat last year that includes this ward but also Burscough West which is better for them and the win was not convincing enough to be sure of a gain here.  

If it is tied the Conservatives will be able to appoint the chair for council meetings who can continue to give his or her casting vote for them. 

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