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Meet the Team

We are a hardworking and dedicated team keen to develop Britpolitics into the best resource about British politics and history. 

Elizabeth Hill-Scott - Managing Editor

I oversee Britpolitics and have over 15 years experience in the press and communications industry working for amongst others the Metropolitan Police Service and Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a member of the UK Civil Service.

I completed a BA in Politics and International Relations and a Masters degree in Diplomacy at Lancaster University. I developed a keen interest in politics and history when I was much younger over conversations with my Dad whilst doing the washing-up and first voted in 1997.

The areas I am particularly interested in are the Monarchy, especially the Tudors; British foreign policy and our place in the world; understanding the impact of huge political figures such as Margaret Thatcher; and the art of speeches and quotes.

My other passion is writing and when not running after a toddler I'm working on a science fiction novel with themes from today's political events. I love learning about the craft of writing and ever-changing business side from experts in the Indie writing community. My distraction from this is The West Wing Weekly Podcast - a must listen, episode by episode, for anyone who devoured this TV show like I did.

Jonathan Scott - Political Editor

I first created the idea of housing all the information people needed about British politics and history in one place in 2001, but the site as you see it today only started in 2013. it is going from strength to strength and today we're reaching millions.

I am passionate about politics and international affairs.

I hold a Masters degree in Politics from Leeds University and I've been involved in local government and national politics for over thirty years. 

I've run many campaigns, most recently one for the referendum on membership of the European Union and in the past I've also served in local government as both an officer and a Councillor.

Lauren Morley - Creatives Manager

As a creative type I support Britpolitics in it's mission to provide an educational platform, generating artwork and content that reflect it's values and ideas. It was great to come on board in July 2018. Though I'm a professional photographer first and foremost I have been honing my digital art skills over many years and thoroughly enjoy the creative process.

I'm an avid watcher of satirical tv shows and have been since my early teens. A lot of my political news intake these days is through YouTube and I find the changing media landscapes relation to politics and news fascinating.

When I'm working on designs for Britpolitics I'm usually accompanied by the members of my tiny bird flock; my conure Charlie, Kermit the kakariki or Mork and Mindy the cockatiels.

Zoe Lynes - Advanced Level Adviser

I am currently a teacher of history and politics at GCSE and A Level, and whilst I have always had a degree of political awareness thanks to the supportive and informed nature of my parents, I first became interested in politics during my undergraduate study at Bristol University where I studied institutions of international governance, as well as international political systems as part of my studies in African and South-East Asian history. 

This sparked an interest in politics within my home nation of the UK and so I began reading up on British political history and contemporary events, as part of my training to be a history teacher I was also given the opportunity to learn how to teach politics and my passion for the subject has only deepened further since then!

My areas of speciality within British politics are:

  • The origins and principles of the Constitution
  • The functions and institutions of Parliament
  • The role of the executive & the role of individual Prime Ministers within British political history
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