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The State Opening of Parliament 2016

On 18 May 2016, Her Majesty The Queen read out to the UK parliament the legislative programme for the year.  

The programme was very varied. Highlights included prison reform, a Bill to tackle extremism, developing Queen & Prince Phillipdriverless cars and a space port, charging people from outside the UK to use the National Health Service and speeding up the process of adoption. 

Crucially, it was also used as an opportunity to state that her Ministers should uphold the sovereignty of parliament and the primacy of the House of Commons.

List of Bills to go before the UK Parliament

Digital Economy Bill (UK-wide)

Modern Transport Bill

Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill (England and Wales)

Local Growth and Jobs Bill (England only)

Better Markets Bill (UK-wide)

Bus Services Bill (England only)

NHS Overseas Visitors Charging Bill (To be decided) 

Pensions Bill

Children and Social Work Bill (England only)

Education for All Bill (Mainly England only) 

Higher Education and Research Bill (Mainly England only)

Prison and Courts Reform Bill (England and Wales) 

National Citizen Service Bill (Discussions with devolved administrations)

Lifetime Savings Bill (UK-wide) 

Small Charitable Donations Bill (UK-wide)

Counter-Extremism and Safeguarding Bill (England and Wales) 

Criminal Finances Bill (UK-wide)

Cultural Property Bill (UK-wide)

Wales Bill (Wales only) 

Intellectual Property Bill (UK-wide)

Draft Law of Property Bill

High Speed Rail Bill

Investigatory Powers Bill

Policing and Crime Bill

Other measures

Bill of Rights (Subject to consultation)

Soft Drinks Industry Levy (UK-wide)

*information provided by the BBC News