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Your Quick Guide - How we can help you study


Are you studying British Politics at an advanced level or as part of a degree course? If you are, this section of our website is designed specifically to help you. 

Our experienced academic adviser Dr Ed Gouge takes you through the core subjects such as political parties, the constitution, the media and parliament. He combines examples with theories and references useful places for further information. All of the core information can be found in one place and is free to use.

We're sure you will find these pages helpful whether you are studying in Britain or learning about our institutions from overseas. 

We have plans to expand our range of specialised subjects in the future. 

Write for Us

If you're studying politics or history then we'll assume you find these subjects interesting to talk about and write about. We run campaigns for contributing writers during major events in the UK political calendar or if you have an idea for an article follow the link to find out more and get in touch. Here at BRIT POLITICS we want to give people who have perhaps not been published before the opportunity to share their views and enhance their C.V.

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Extra Features to help you study 

  • Political speeches made by key figures from British politics and the UK Monarchy
  • Print friendly fact sheets
  • Articles from leading academics and our guest writers 
    • BRIT Review - analysis and opinion of news and policy announcements (editorial)
    • Scott's Blog - opinion pieces on topical political issues (views are authors own)
    • The Study Assistant - some advice on preparing for exams, papers and research hints and tips,


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