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2017 Local & Mayoral Elections: Historic gains for the Conservatives

Friday, May 05, 2017


The results are in. In what must be seen as forewarning for the General Election on 8th June, the Conservatives had historic gains, Labour and UKIP historic losses with the Liberal Democrats drifting somewhere in between.

The Conservatives have seen huge gains of more than 500 seats and taken control of an extra 11 councils. They took Mayoral races in almost no-go areas for the Conservatives such as Teeside and the West Midlands.The party even picked up seats in Glasgow and South Wales. 

Now worried about complacency, the PM said she was taking nothing for granted. "Even Jeremy Corbyn said he was a 200/1 outsider to become Labour Leader, and look what happened there!" was the jist of her rallying cry to voters going back to the polls in June. However the PM looks at the results today, you can bet the former PM, David Cameron is sat in his luxury shed in Oxfordshire drinking heavily as he pens the chapter about May as Home Secretary.

Jeremy Corbyn, despite saying he was loving every minute of the campaign (surely he can't be), has led his party to major loses. There were predictable mayoral wins for Andy Burnham in Manchester and in Liverpool and Doncaster but the party lost 382 seats. Poor Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, who spent most of his day battered by news anchors said 'well at least it wasn't the wipe out people expected.' 

The defeated Labour West Midlands Mayoral candidate said on the doorstep voters just felt that Labour had lost its way with their core supporters. You have to say that will UKIP's collapse and the Lib Dems damp squib  - they must be doing what was unthinkable a few years ago and switching to the Conservatives in large numbers.

The UK Independence Party (even that sounds strange now we're leaving) lost 136 seats. It can't all be down to the departure of flamboyant Farage and the arrival of, started quite well till the Stoke thing, Nuttall. Every Councillor who sought re-election should be proud of the part they played in the Brexit story but the party now reminds me of a radical religious sect during the English Civil War. They told everyone the world was going to end by a specific date. It didn't, so they lost their followers and reason for being. UKIP feels a lot like that. Ok, they say they'll keep the Tories in check over 'Brexit meaning Brexit' but a lot of Brexiteers like what the PM has to say; and she can form a government.


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