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Are Labour fit to win the general election? by Thenuga Rajeswaran

Friday, June 02, 2017


When Theresa May called for a snap general election on June 8th a vast majority of the country winced with embarrassment for the disastrous mess the Labour party was in. 

Naturally, May and her peers would look to strategically exploit this position by calling for a snap general election on June 8th to destroy any hope of Labour resurrecting its old reputation to pose a real threat as a potential governing party for Britain.

To everyone’s surprise Jeremy Corbyn and the labour party have risen from the ashes and have started fighting. Currently as the polls stand Labour have been steadily narrowing down on the Conservative party’s lead which leads to the possible yet unlikely event that the Labour Party might return to the commons as the governing party for Britain. With this in mind it is a necessity to review some of the pledges made in Labour’s 2017 manifesto.


At the peak of the Labour party’s disastrous state, they were being led by a stubborn leader who has failed to step down after a string of disastrous events for the party such as: a motion of no confidence, resignations from his shadow cabinet and the embarrassing loss of local council seats. Failure to step down as leader could only mean one thing for Jeremy Corbyn he would be the designated scapegoat for all failures related to the Labour party, even Brexit. 

For those liberals who predicted that Labour would respect the Brexit vote, but like myself hoped that Labour would not completely sever relations with the European Union, Labour have confirmed once Britain’s relationship with the Union has ended so does free movement of people. Free movement of persons allows for skilled workers to fill up deficient vacancies across borders-it is one of the fundamental principles of the EU. By committing to such a bold rejection of a key principle of the Union, like the Tories, is simply foolish. The EU will happily show its remaining members why it should not leave by making such an example out of Britain- that the deal will in no doubt cripple our economy.


Corbyn has boldly taken inspiration from Back to the Future and decided he would like to cast himself as the eccentric Doc Brown by taking us all back to the seventies and renationalising the rail. 

After the catastrophic disruption Southern Rail had on many commuters- maybe renationalising the rails is not such a bad idea after all. Plot twist, by attempting to budget this costly move a huge burden was inevitably placed on trying to provide adequate customer service, mirrored the never ending delays the National Health Service faced. The move was costing the public billions- who were fed up. They dreamt of the days of the rails when they were private. These privatised rail networks would compete for the best service and the more investors invested the more jobs were created- the real happy ending to the movie that Jeremy Corbyn should strive for.

Voting Age

A cheap trick to ensure an elected Labour government is to lower the voting age to 16. Being a 16 year old does not entail many responsible acts such as paying taxes, paying bills, or even checking your car has petrol. 

Most 16 year olds live at home with their parents, they are still in full time education at this point in their lives. Any vote cast by them would merely mimic those of their parents. In fact this is cheating the system their parents are essentially voting twice- election fraud anyone?

There probably is the large debate that some 16 year olds can get married, yes that is true but they still need the consent of an adult to do so. Or others will say 16 year olds can join the army- only a small portion choose to do so as the majority will remain in full time education. With only a small number of 16 year olds effected on policies enforced by government, why should the fate of our day to day lives be places in the palms of 16 year olds? Labour you should really abandon this policy.

About Thenuga

Thenuga RajeswaranI am a recent law graduate.

I have a strong interest in politics.

I am particularly interested in how our international links and alliances affect domestic legislation.


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