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The Brussels Terror Attacks - In quotes

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Today Brussels was rocked by two terrorist attacks by the Islamic State Group. The first two explosions, carried out by suicide bombing took place near the check-in desk for American Airlines at Zaventem airport. Shortly afterwards a third explosion was detonated at Maelbeek metro station near to the headquarters of the European Commission. Brussels went into lockdown and people were told not to travel and to stay indoors. The death toll at time of publishing was at least thirty with many more wounded.

Witnesses at the scene

"People were running over others that had fallen, I couldn't breathe. I can't believe I'm alive" 15-year-old Antoine who was at the airport

Beatrice Delvaux, chief editor at Belgian daily Le Soir

"The noise is continuous. It comes out from everywhere, crossing the street like an open wound.

"Ambulances, fire engines, police vans, unmarked cars with flashing blue lights scream as they go. People stop, look, in a daze: their eyes are empty.

"They know all this is true. They know too that they knew: this was going to happen, this was bound to happen.

"It's the sadness above all that is infinite; it seeps from the paving stones and trickles from the pavements."

The King & Queen of Belgium

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde issued a statement in response to the bombings. "Distressed by the odious attacks on Brussels-National and the Brussels metro. Our thoughts are with the victims, families and emergency services."

Prime Minister David Cameron

“I am shocked and concerned by the events in Brussels. We will do everything we can to help.”

“The terrorists behind today’s atrocities attack our way of life and they attack us because of who we are. We will never let them win.”

“I have chaired a meeting of Cobra – we are increasing police presence at ports, airports, Tube stations and international railway stations.”

“I have just spoken to the Belgian PM and offered our sympathies and condolences. We must stand with Belgium at this very difficult time.”

Labour Leader - Jeremy Corbyn MP

"We must defend our security and values in the face of such terrorist outrages, and refuse to be drawn into a cycle of violence and hatred."

U.S President Barack Obama – speaking in Cuba

US President Barack Obama sent a message of support to the people of Brussels, saying: "We can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world."

U.S Election Candidates

Donald Trump said the attacks showed the need for a much tougher Western response to jihadist violence.

Democratic candidate and former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton said: "Today's attacks will only strengthen our resolve to stand together as allies and defeat terrorism and radical jihadism around the world." 

Ted Cruz, said the attacks were not "isolated incidents" and said the West was "at war with radical Islam". 

Boris Johnson MP

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, said: "It looks as though there may be one UK casualty, as I'm sure you are aware, though the details of that are very sketchy.

"The most important thing to get across is we know of no reason to think that there is any read across from what's happened in Brussels to events here in this city.

"We have no intelligence to suggest there is any immediate threat, but as a precaution and for the purposes of reassurance, there has been a stepping up of the presence of police at major airports."

President Hollande of France

Speaking at a press conference, Francois Hollande said France and Belgium were "linked with horror" following the attacks in Paris in December and now in Brussels.

Mr Hollande said he had assured the Belgian government of France's full support and said the "war against terrorists" should be carried out through the "whole of Europe using all the necessary means, especially sharing intelligence information". 

He said the French government had taken measures to bolster security at borders and at its ports.



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