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Stronger In Campaign Launch | We would survive but not thrive says Lord Rose

Monday, October 12, 2015


An all star cast of TV personalities, business leaders and former Prime Ministers attended Brick Lane, London this morning for the official launch of the 'In' campaign. 

Calling themselves 'Stronger In' their chairman, Lord Stuart Rose, addressed the hall and waiting media with a short opening speech to set the tone of what I'm sure will be a long campaign.

Refreshingly using limited statistics, Rose's first line was to tell people that he was not an uncritical fan of the EU addressing directly the letter he had signed calling for EU reform. But, he said, wanting reform was very different to wanting to leave and he supported the renegotiation efforts by the Prime Minister.

Lord Stuart Rose

But, according to Rose, why would we want to leave anyway? Why would we want to take ourselves out of the largest free market on the planet, diminish our place on the world stage, risk our security when there is such "strength in numbers." We would never dream about leaving the United Nations or NATO, so why the EU? The EU he said benefited everyone and would continue to do so for future generations. It had, he said, given us the clout we simply would not have on our own.

Mr Rose also addressed the patriotic arguments used by the 'leave' campaign. "I'm not less British because I want to stay in the EU' he said and that in fact British tradition was not to "retreat" when things got tough but use our determination to change things.

Use of the word "retreat" and later on that leaving the EU equated to "running away" was pretty emotive stuff from the hard-headed Yorkshire businessman and is not likely to go down well in the Brexit camp. Lord Rose added that he was not saying that Britain could not survive outside of the EU but that she wouldn't thrive.

With a similar feel to the 'Better Together' Scottish referendum campaign it is clear that the 'In' campaign will make people think about the unknowns and the risks of such a big constitutional change. 

Rose called leaving the EU "a leap in the dark." The question is how many voters are afraid of the dark or will vote for Britain to take that leap regardless. An interesting campaign awaits.


Brian H

There is NO opportunity to question this spin doctored campaign where any dissent is stamped on. The IN campain NEEDS to be challenged, especially this £10 for every £ we give - like £40 million a DAY. So we get £400 m a day back? Why are the EU not funding HS2? With the immigrant crisis why are the UN not sorting ISIS out? BJH

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