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A First Time Voter - Go Vote and Vote Conservative by Eve Rimington

Monday, June 23, 2014


Continuing our series about first time voters we hear from Eve who argues the case not just for voting Conservative but encouraging young people like her to 'go vote'. Take a look...

Turning 18 means many great changes are about to occur and that you face increased responsibility and freedom in equal measure. It also means that you now have the power to elect who governs you, which is arguably the greatest power of all.

Some young people like myself, are itching to go to the polls. Others are disinterested and even lack a basic knowledge of what they are voting for.

At 16, I took my first steps in the political world by joining my local Conservative Future Branch. I always knew that my political views tended towards those of the Conservative party, and since joining I have realised that more clearly. It is typical that young people first enter politics to the left, but I didn’t, and I think there are several reasons why.

Firstly, I have been brought up in a household that worked hard to improve their lives, which is at the heart of Conservative philosophy. 

My parents and grandparents worked extremely hard to give me opportunities they did not have, and their hard work has ensured I have grown up in the best possible environment.

Secondly, because I have grown up in recession, I understand the need for economic vigilance, and that it is the people that run the economy, not the state.

Finally, I believe that their current policies will secure a better Britain. I agree that we need to tackle tax avoidance and benefit fraud in equal measure, meaning that work will pay, and that a life on welfare is for those that need it, not those who avoid work. I also agree that we need to negotiate in the EU, in order to ensure that our sovereignty is upheld, whilst retaining good relations with our European partners.

My views aside, if you are a young person, you may not realise how important your vote is. First time voters are highly sought after, as you are most likely to go to the polls, and cast the votes that the politicians need. In addition to this, one day it will be you at the heart of the country, and voting is the best way to ensure that it will be a country that delivers for y



I completely agree with you eve! Go vote!

Rebecca Elise

Very true Eve.

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