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BRIT Review

General Election 2017 and the impact of Brexit by Jays Tarar

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


With the snap General Election on June 8th, I believe the current Prime Minister, Theresa May will be elected and win with a huge majority of the vote. 

The polls show after the success of the local elections, she is very popular with voters and support is very high for her leadership and the style of governance as a political party.

My election forecast 

The election result could impact greatly on the future of Brexit, future policy and future politics for the elected party.

Mrs May’s party seems positive, promoting her party through election campaigning, communications and proposals and winning support for party values and objectives. These are the political tools for election success; getting support and winning votes on the day. This is why I think the Tories will win an election landslide victory.

The election polls predictions

Mrs May's party won the local elections with over 550 seats and 11 new councils. 

This was not only a major victory for the Tories but a significant election polling result. The polls showed that people voted conservative, as they were impressed with the party's leadership qualities and believe it will deliver on policies that matter to them. This base is why the opinion polls are supporting an increase in votes on general election polling day.

For the 2017 general election, there is a clear prediction of an increase in the majority of 17 for Prime Minister May's party. The odds we've seen are as follows:

The Tories winning the Odds of 1/ 33
Labour 14 / 1
Lib dems 199 / 1
Ukip 500 / 1
Greens 1000 / 1

It looks like the Tories will increase their votes by over 56 seats from Labour, which is an over 199 seats lead.

Brexit, in simplicity

Brexit is the priority for May. She has begun to discuss this matter with European Members and she wants to achieve the most effective and best deal for this country. The decision to leave the EU and Brexit has had a major effect on the whole process of politics and political policy in this country. 

It affects future financial policy, our economy, trade and stability in the UK. 

The Brexit deal and what might be the proposals?

Making sure we get the right deal for Britain to achieve the proposals and success we want means support from European Members. Recent discussions have only focused on Article 50 and the triggering of Brexit plans, but in the deal the stakes are much higher, none more so than the major implications of how we will trade worldwide.

The Prime Minister has proposed a wide deal for Brexit, she wants a deal on issues on tariffs, immigration policy, free trade proposals, relationship with the Single Market and Customs Union, what it means for Ex-pats and the rights of European nationals in Britain. Then there are deeper issues such as Britain’s place in Europe, sovereignty, borders and devolution. Not an easy task.

It seems the UK is exploring a trade plan, which the European Union and UK would discuss the possibility of holding on to tariffs. This is part of a plan that could last for several years. If there were no deal, the World Trade Organisation would allow the UK and Brussels to agree a free trade deal that would perhaps make proposals for such tariffs. 

What does Brexit mean for whoever gets elected? 

Current policies that determine political governance will need an overhaul or certain changes. 

Brexit will be at the heart of major political debates and discussions on a wide variety of matters that influence this country such as infrastructure, housing, welfare and foreign policy.

I believe we could make a deal in which the UK would maintain its stability and prosper but this is certainly the challenge for the new government and British Prime Minister.

About Jays

I have a passion for writing.

I studied British politics and political history. 

While in further education I had a wide variety of interests such as economics, elections and analytics. 


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