Corporate and Social Responsibility

Corporate and Social Responsibility

The Britology team is committed to supporting charitable activities. We make donations and will pursue a bursary scheme for young people wishing to study politics, history or a related subject as part of BRIT POLITICS.     

We also adhere to a strong ethical framework. We will never offer cash or any other payments, inducements of any kind to any MEP, MP, Peer, member of a devolved body, Assembly or Councillor or anyone working in government at any level under any circumstances.

We do not retain any current members of the House of Commons, local authority elected members, devolved body or Assembly as a consultant in any capacity.

We do not make any payments or inducements of any kind to use the services of any individual employed, paid or unpaid, in any local authority or the Houses of Parliament, any devolved body or Assembly as a researcher, assistant or secretary to a Member and who has a security pass to that effect.

We do not engage or make payments to any individuals who hold elected or non-elected positions on any local authority or public body and they will not be involved with any work on behalf of clients aimed at seeking to influence that body.

Britology provides consultancy and communication services to any legal political party without bias. The contents of any products produced are not supported or endorsed by Britology.

As a product of Britology, is a neutral educational website without affiliation to any political party and any commentary pieces are the opinions of the author. Forums on this website are moderated for any abusive or inappropriate content and the collection of data is regulated.