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I’ve put together hundreds of resources if you’re studying British history or politics. This includes dedicated portals to support GCSE History (AQA, OCR & Edexcel) A Level Politics & Government and politics at university level. If you want to see everything use the link to our site map.


Learn and deepen your knowledge on how to write essays, revise and prep for exams. You’ll find these as well as a referenced quote finder database, speeches database and fact sheets in The Britpolitics Treasury


In my blog and YouTube videos I share useful tips and tools to help you start, develop and monetize your own blog, amazing feed or channel. You can also reach millions, through our BritReview by submitting and sharing your views and content on history and politics. This can be for the love of it, to grow your CV or university personal statement or part of your promotion strategy. 

The Ultimate Guide to Remembering What You Study

Do you wonder how you’re ever going to remember your course for exam day? Learn FIVE powerful memory training techniques on how to train your brain, commit what you’ve learnt to long-term memory and how to recall information when it matters most. Sign-up for your FREE copy.

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