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Hints and Tips on how to do Research

1. Only research in groups for a limited time (unless you’re doing a group project). It’s good to bounce ideas of people (and be sociable) for a little while but then it can get distracting; the time comes when it needs to be you; the works; and your thoughts

2. Look for niche sources. That’s good. But make sure they’re credible

3. Don’t get overwhelmed by sources and forget about what you think? Remember you? Do you think the Conservative Party is better under Cameron than Churchill or not?

4. Take part in seminar or class debates it will help shape your thinking and bring to life the material

5. Slightly controversial; if you can watch films or documentaries about your subject. That doesn’t mean it’s 100% accurate but again it may spark ideas

6. The TV or music is likely to distract you. Better to do 30mins quality research than a few hours of drivel whilst trying to ‘multi-task’

7. There will be some subjects that you don’t like but just have to do. Try not to procrastinate

8. Don’t forget to answer the question being posed – just because you’ve found an amazing quote doesn’t mean it fits what you’re doing. Keep a note of it but don’t try and make it fit.

9. Make sure you don’t over-research; you’ve probably got a set word limit

10. Make sure you enjoy learning!! Politics is our past; our present and will shape our future.