For decades I have been passionate about history and politics. 

So, as well as creating resources I’ve created BritReview

It is a platform for you to share your writing, to submit guest blogs and to post your videos, which I will then promote to a wider audience for you. There’s no catch and it’s free. 

Need to know more? Check-out my FAQs below. Ready to start? Click the red button to get in touch straight away.

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Join BritReview. Create & Share Your Content. Reach Millions.

Can you see yourself writing, recording and publishing your thoughts on politics and history? 

Yes. No. Maybe? Well, I can!

Since 2013, I’ve been helping a wide range of people publish their original content in BritReview.

I absolutely love doing this! I just get such a buzz from working with like-minded politics and history enthusiasts like you!

But, I know you’ll want to see if working with BritReview is right for you. So, I’ve put together a quick FAQs to help.


Britpolitics had over one million unique visitors (that’s jargon for actual people) in 2018 – and we’re growing.

I know how time-consuming it can be to put together blog posts or videos only to feel like no-one is seeing them. Is this you?

Or maybe you’re already established but want another way of getting your stuff out to people. 

Enter BritReview.

BritReview is a platform created within Britpolitics where you can send your guest blogs, articles or video links to be seen by a wider audience.

One of the best things about BritReview is the diverse range of people I’ve got to work with like, sixth-formers, university students, post-graduates, staff in MPs offices and think tanks, aspiring writers, academics, teachers, nurses and social workers.

How it works is you submit your content for approval and we work together to get it looking amazing and put onto BritReview.

Once published, I’ll send you a link and promote you through Britpolitics. You’ll reach a staggering amount of people from countries all over the world. (Even those ones which score zero on Pointless)

I just ask that you spread the word about Britpolitics on your social media and sites. Maybe a little testimonial if you’re happy? 

There are lots of benefits to being published on BritReview

  • If you’re already producing engaging content you can share it wider through guest blogging with us, sending your article our way or packaging links to your Youtube videos
  • Well, hello there new line on your CV!  Enhance your CV with an extra line to help you get that dream career in politics, journalism, writing or communications that you can’t stop thinking about.
  • It would be a fab addition to your university personal statement! : )


Anyone can join the BritReview community. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done this before or you’re a prolific writer with 100K+ subscribers to your channel.

You’re not too young, too old, too inexperienced or too unpolished. Just please, don’t be someone who never tried. 

Britpolitics is about British politics and history. Previous works have included election night prediction pieces and articles evaluating British Prime Ministers. But, in BritReview you don’t have to limit yourself to just the UK, feel free to cover any aspects of politics or history you’re passionate about. : )

You can submit, written articles, guest blogs, video links, audio files – I’m pretty open minded really. But, what I don’t share are party political press releases, blatant advertorials and offensive content.

Yes. 100% : )

The best way is email – there’s also a quick form at the bottom of this page.

Just introduce yourself and let me know what you’d like to start working on together. If you already have a file send it through. After that, we’ll start working together to present your work as quickly as possible.


Absolutely! Tell people where to find you. Include your web address, social media account details and YouTube channel ID.

By clicking 'Send' you consent to us processing your information.

The information you have provided will only be used for correspondence to assist you. It will not be used for any marketing by us or given to third-parties.

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