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Labour Leadership Contender - Angela Eagle

On 11th July former Shadow Business Secretary announced that she would be challenging Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the Labour Party. This came after days of Ms Eagle and many others encouraging Mr Corbyn to resign. Mr Corbyn refused to do so stating that he had the support of the membership even if he did not command the support of the parliamentary party.

On 19th July Angela Eagle withdrew from the contest and put her support behind Owen Smith MP. Mr Smith gained more support from the Parliamentary Labour Party and it was felt that there should be one 'unity' candidate to challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the Labour Party in September. 

Who is Angela Eagle?

Angela Eagle has represented people within the Wallasey constituency in Merseyside since 1992. She was elected aged 31 which at the time made her one of the youngest MPs in parliament.

Born in Bridlington, Yorkshire she went to a comprehensive school before attending St John's College, Oxford University. 

Ms Eagle held roles within the governments of both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and was a Pensions Minister for the latter. Within parliament she has championed women's rights, diversity and minority rights. With regards to recent policy Ms Eagle was vocal on the so-called 'bedroom tax', is pro-Trident, which saw her moved from the position of Shadow Defence Secretary, against austerity measures by the Conservatives and voted in favour of extending the airstrikes into Syria.

Ms Eagle has also held several executive positions within Trade Unions and the Labour Party. In 2015 she ran for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party but was beaten by Tom Watson, who also calls for Jeremy Corbyn to resign.

Her twin sister Maria Eagle is also a member of parliament and in 2008 MS Eagle entered into a civil partnership.

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