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Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn faced each other in the Commons. It was the last PMQs before the snap General Election on 8th June.

Lasting a record 58 minutes (perhaps Speaker, John Bercow was looking to make history too) It was made up of the words ‘stable’ and ‘leadership’ repeated over and over by the PM and, in a return to earlier form, questions from the Labour leader from concerned UK residents.

The PM stumbled a little in her reply to SNP’s Angus Robertson question about the triple-lock on pensions, which led many unfairly to point to the reason Mrs May does not want a TV debate. Mr Corbyn performed better than in some weeks, but his backbenchers were very quiet as the Tories jeered to his every utterance. However, he had an easier ride than Liberal Leader Tim Farron who faced questions over the selection of a candidate (later sacked) who had been accused of anti-semitic remarks.

The gloves will now be off. And, it looks like, unless someone caves to the TV stations, the last time they will face each other in this way.