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Local Elections 2014 - Results 


This year local elections have been held for:-

 - all seats in the London Boroughs

-  a third of the seats in the English Metropolitan Boroughs

-  all the seats in Milton Keynes, Hart and Three Rivers following boundary changes

-   a third, and in a few a half, of the seats in a number of English district councils

-  5 mayoral elections with Watford, which the Lib Dems are defending, the most interesting for assessing prospects in the general election. 

Our BRIT POLITICS Predictions for Key Areas and the Actual Results

The results are in. The blue links give background to each key area we identified before the election. Their results are listed below.


Local Area



   Actual Result 

Amber Valley    Conservative Hold     Labour Gain from Conservatives
Barnet     Conservative Hold     Conservative Hold  
Basildon    Conservatives Lose Control     Conservative Lose to NOC
Bexley     Conservative Hold     Conservative Hold
Bradford    No Overall Control (NOC)     Labour Gain
Bristol     No Overall Control (NOC)     NOC 
Calderdale     Labour Gain     NOC 
Cambridge    Labour Gain     Labour Gain
Cheltenham    Lib Dem Hold     Lib Dem Hold 
Colchester     No Overall Control (NOC)     NOC
Crawley    Labour Gain     Labour Gain 
Croydon    Labour Gain     Labour Gain
Eastleigh     Lib Dem Hold     Lib Dem Hold
Gloucester     No Overall Control (NOC)     NOC 
Hammersmith & Fulham     Conservative Hold     Labour Gain
Harrow    Labour Hold     Labour Hold
Havering    Conservatives Lose Control     NOC 
Hillingdon     Conservative Hold     Conservative Hold
Kingston-upon-Thames    Conservative Gain     Conservative Gain
Kirklees    No Overall Control (NOC)     NOC 
Merton    No Overall Control (NOC)     Labour Gain
Milton Keynes    No Overall Control (NOC)     NOC 
Pendle    No Overall Control (NOC)     NOC
Peterborough    Conservative Hold     Conservative Lose to NOC
Portsmouth     Lib Dem Hold     NOC
Redbridge    Labour Gain     Labour Gain
Richmond-upon-Thames     Conservative Hold     Conservative Hold
Rugby    Conservative Hold     Conservative Hold 
St Albans     No Overall Control (NOC)     NOC
South Lakeland    Lib Dem Hold     Lib Dem Hold
Stockport    No Overall Control (NOC)     NOC
Stroud     No Overall Control (NOC)     NOC
Sutton     Lib Dem Hold       Lib Dem Hold
Swindon     Conservative Hold     Conservative Hold
Tamworth    Conservative Hold     Conservative Hold 
Three Rivers    Lib Dem Hold     Lib Dem Hold
Trafford     Conservative Hold     Conservative Hold
Walsall     Labour Gain     NOC
Watford    Lib Dem Hold     Lib Dem Hold 
Welwyn Hatfield    Conservative Hold     Conservative Hold
West Lancashire     Too Close to Call     Conservative lose to NOC 
Worcester    No Overall Control (NOC)     NOC 
Wyre Forest    No Overall Control (NOC)     NOC 


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