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BRIT POLITICS NEWS RELEASE: Thanks to our GE2015 Writing Team


On 7th May 66.1% of the UK Electorate went to the polls to elect the next government. The result returned David Cameron as Prime Minister and the Conservative Party with a majority government.

This followed many weeks of fierce campaigning by all parties as the pollsters kept us on the edge of or seats (with inaccurate information it turned out) about who was going to win. 

Of course, being dedicated to British politics, everyone at got stuck in, covering the news, manifesto launches, policy promises and party spats. 

To help us to do this, a fabulous group of writers joined our ranks, giving their views on what they thought would happen around the country, the prospects for each party and the big issues that were either taking centre stage or being forgotten. So, as they say on X Factor, in no particular order our thanks go to:

  • Jonathan Andrew
  • Charlotte Sharman
  • Oliver Marks
  • Callum Clark
  • Sam Gould
  • Abigail Watson
  • Tom Bailey
  • Nick Gregory
  • Alexander Rowe
  • Neil Taggart
  • Cameron Lord
  • Jack O'Neill
  • Andrew MacAulay
  • Nicholas Barker
You can find all of their articles in our BRIT Review section and if you're a budding commentator on British politics look out for future campaigns and your chance to get involved.