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BRIT POLITICS NEWS RELEASE: Welcome to your new website all about British Politics and History


The site is now live. As a brand-new site, our launch will be a 'soft-launch' with further promotion from March 2014.

Devised by Jonathan Scott, we wanted to create a free educational resource for political students and fact finders of all ages around the world. Our contributors so far have been politics graduates who have a feel for what students need as well as our academic adviser Dr Ed Gouge from Leeds University steering the University Study Portal.

A further aim of is to foster informed engagement in the political process. We are delighted, therefore, that John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, has endorsed the aims of in our Parliament section.

Our plans are to continue to build useful content for any interested in or studying British politics or history from 11+. Once the site is fully operational we will provide bursaries and support to educational and citizenship charities as soon as we can.

Jonathan Scott - Political Editor & Founder, said:

"I am so pleased that we have been able to bring this idea that has been swilling around my head for such a long time to life. The whole team is passionate about politics and making our venture a success."

Lorraine Hill - Managing Editor, said:

"This is only the beginning for BRIT POLITICS. We have so many exciting plans to put in place over the coming months and years. We want to capture all the key events in British politics, help people learn about our history and get people interested in politics."

Features you can expect from 

  • All the political research and information students’ need, free to use, in one place

  • Immediate virtual access to the latest thinking of the UK’s leading academics through articles written exclusively for us

  • Targeted information for University students, fact finders of all ages and shortly 16-18 year olds through our advanced section

  • Online products and services – a Quote Finder service, an online BRIT Library, a Study Assistant service and as we develop study apps

  • A one stop shop, with minimal searching and sifting, giving you fully referenced materials

Further Information

We hope you enjoy visiting BRIT POLITICS. If you have any queries please get in touch through

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