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BRIT POLITICS NEWS RELEASE: Thanks to all 100,000 of you who visited in our first year


As Big Ben struck midnight marking the start of 2015, for us it meant one year since began.

Going live in early 2014, we were an entirely new venture with just a handful of visitors each day, mostly from the UK. Since then we have continued to grow and add new features that have taken from strength to strength. 

We now attract tens of thousands of visitors from all four corners of the world and we’re looking forward to an exciting and eventful 2015 for British politics and us.

How we did in 2014

  • Over 100,000 people visited us; lots of you took the opportunity to register for our university study portal.
  • We developed the site into one with wide international reach. BRIT POLITICS receives large numbers of visitors from the UK, United States, China, Europe and the Commonwealth. We continue to spread our reach into Africa, South America and the Far East helping people learn about Britain’s history, institutions and current politics.
  • We extended the conversation about British politics across social media. You can now find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+
  • We created a promotional video to highlight what is all about and how we can help you.

Our big plans for 2015

  • Extensive General Election coverage. 2015 is the most open election in post-war Britain. We want to get more of our visitors involved and will be recruiting junior writers to our team
  • Grow our You Tube channel with politics and history videos
  • Many more opinion pieces and interviews with a wide variety of people in politics
  • Lots more articles, written by leading academics, on subjects you’re studying at university
  • The long-awaited launch of our dedicated resource for A Level students of politics and history. There are nine extensive modules, case studies, definitions and tests. We’ve been working hard in 2014 to pull all this essential material together
  • Grow the BRIT Library to include even more helpful resources

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far. There’s plenty more to come.