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The EU Referendum: The ‘In’ Campaign

There are two opposing sides to the EU Referendum campaign. We’ve set out a simple guide to the arguments from those who say the UK should stay in the European Union.

Who are the ‘In’ Campaign

The official campaign on the side of remaining with the European European is being led by ‘Britain Stronger in Europe.” Their chairman is Lord Rose, former head of Marks & Spencers

Other prominent ‘In’ supporters

  • The government, led by David Cameron has an official position that it supports staying in the European Union. This position is not unanimous as collective responsibility was dropped allowing colleagues to campaign to leave. Within the Conservative Party there are approximately 150 Members of Parliament who support leaving the EU.
  • The Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, also has a party position to remain which is being promoted by Alan Johnson MP. There is also a ‘Labour Leave’ organisation and Gisela Stuart, a Labour MP, is co-chair of Vote Leave
  • Former Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and John Major

Why do they believe the UK is stronger in The European Union?

Campaigners say that whilst they recognise that the EU is not a perfect institution, the benefits out-way the costs. They claim that the UK is stronger, better off and safer within the EU than if we were on our own and that leaving would be too greater risk to our prosperity, threaten our safety and diminish our influence around the world.

They also state that remaining part of the EU delivers opportunities for individuals and families, now and in the future.

The Remain Campaign’s Views on the Economy

  • Being part of Europe makes our economy stronger, helping British businesses small and large, creating jobs for British people, and delivering lower prices for British families.
  • Almost half of everything we sell to the rest of the world we sell to Europe – and we get an average of £24 billion of investment into Britain per year from Europe.
  • Being part of Europe also means cheaper prices in our supermarkets, cheaper flights to Europe and lower phone charges when traveling.
  • We get out more than we put in.
  • Negotiating as part of a 500 million-strong economy gives us clout we could never have on our own.
  • We benefit from free trade agreements with 50 countries around the world.

The Remain Campaign’s View on the Britain’s Leadership

•If we want Britain to be a leader in the world, we need to be in Europe helping to take the big decisions – not sitting on the sidelines, powerless.
•In today’s complex world, the UK has more control over its destiny by staying inside organisations like the EU.
•We would never dream of leaving the UN or NATO. Why would we leave the EU?
•Being part of Europe means we have stronger leadership on the world stage, enabling us to shape the future – influence through participation.
•Britain is not Britain unless we are outward-looking, engaged in our continent and leading in Europe.
•To leave Europe would mean less influence on the world stage, and less say in the future.

The Remain Campaign’s View on Britain’s Security

  • Being in Europe, working with our closest neighbours and partners to tackle these threats, makes Britain safer.
  • Whether it’s implementing sanctions against Russia, sharing intelligence about terrorists or arresting criminals using the European Arrest Warrant, there is strength in numbers.
  • Leaving Europe would threaten our safety. We are stronger and more secure as part of Europe than on our own.