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Mary I

Mary was a Queen from the Tudor dynasty between 1553 and 1558.

Below you’ll find all the vital dates from her life and reign as Queen of England.



1516 Mary is born, 18 February at Greenwich Palace. Her mother is Catherine of Aragon, her father Henry VIII
1525 Princess Mary is sent to live at Ludlow Castle with her own court
1533 Henry VIII creates the Church of England so he can divorce Catherine and marry Anne Boleyn. Mary is now declared illegitimate and removed from the line of succession so she will not become Queen. Her title becomes Lady Mary
1536 Mary’s mother Catherine dies and Mary is forced to sign the Articles of Submission to say her parents were never legally married
1547 Her father, Henry VIII dies
1553 On 6th July, Mary’s brother Edward VI dies. He names Lady Jane Grey, a fellow protestant to take over who becomes Queen of England for nine days. Mary takes London with an army from Framlingham Suffolk and is crowned Queen on 1st October. The first Statute of Repeal starts to reverse the spread of the Protestant religion to return England to a Catholic country
1554 In January/February Queen Mary stops the Wyatt’s Rebellion and executes Lady Jane Grey. Mary marries Philip of Spain on 25th July and continues her work with the Second Statute of Repeal
1555 The first executions for heresy begin and the Queen begins to get her nickname of “Bloody Mary”
1557  England goes to war with France
1558  Queen Mary loses Calais and dies on 17 November without a child to take the throne. Her half-sister Elizabeth becomes Queen.

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