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GE2015: The real challenge of the 'Challengers' BBC TV Debate was watching it

Friday, April 17, 2015


Can there really be three weeks of this election campaign to go? After last night I have started to stare longingly at my polling card, slightly losing the will to live.

The latest TV debate was sensationally billed as the ‘Challengers’ in an effort to cover up the fact that the PM and DPM said 'no thanks' to the BBC. 

So the winner, well Ed Miliband again for me but the bar was not that high last night. Overall, it was a left-wing love-in. Anyone who runs a business or believes in wealth creation or enterprise should have been mightily concerned listening to  ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’ AKA Bennett, Wood and Sturgeon – it became clear that their ideal man would be Fidel Castro, even though reluctantly their parties would all jump into bed with Ed Miliband over David Cameron. Complete tripe but it would have had the free loading socialists in ecstasy as they dream about a free for all state where nobody works and everything is free and the rich hand over all their money while the rest of us live in hippy communes and eat turnips all day.

But clearly Miliband will be the happier of those who took part last night. He was once again, assured and confident in his delivery and at one point, even gave David Cameron the ‘Dirty Harry’ treatment looking straight into the camera and saying meet me for a one on one debate – “Make my day punk”.

Nicola Sturgeon, again, delivered a polished and impressive performance even if the content of everything she said was perhaps the biggest bucket load of political manure you will ever hear. 

Nigel Farage came out third. The bookies favourite just did not manage to land any knockout blows. The media think he did badly (they clearly do not understand the General Public) as he took a swipe at the audience, but this was clearly a very calculated move to cement his own audience; the people’s army. They like nothing better than a bit of left-wing bashing and where better to do it than in the left-wing capital of the universe, the BBC and their hand-picked impartial audience. 

The loser. There were several of them. David Cameron for one. His absence made him look weak and cowardly and the presence of high-ranking Conservatives in the ‘spin-room’ was completely inappropriate. As someone said it was like they were turning up to a parents evening even though they had no child at the school. 

Cameron was the most tweeted about last night but most of it was amusing taunts of ‘Where’s Dave tonight?’ The other absentee, Nick Clegg, bless him, was reduced to being a complete irrelevance along with his party, I think he was briefly mentioned once. 

Leanne Wood was once again unashamedly forgetting that she was speaking in a UK debate. She must have mentioned she was from Wales or the word ‘Wales’ a thousand times, reading off her notes too often, stale and if you pardon the pun, wooden Leanne, very wooden. As for the Green Party Leader, it was as before a very passionate performance. Personally, I’m not sure what planet she is on, but I know it is not the one I live on, 

Roll on May 7th – when finally the people will have spoken.


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