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Asserting Britishness is more than reading Magna Carta and fish and chips

Monday, June 16, 2014


David Cameron has called for a muscular assertion of British values in our schools. This follows the fall-out from attempts by a small minority of Islamic fundamentalists to take control of schools largely in Birmingham.

In his article, the Prime Minister used words such as freedom, personal and social responsibility, the rule of law, respect, tolerance and so on. All of which, are of course, part of the fabric of our nation and reflect our British character. 

But it was let down by the Prime Minister invoking images of us all reading the Magna Carta and eating fish and chips. What's needed are serious policies to reverse the tide of Islamic extremism and the effects that mass migration is having on our social and cultural landscape.

It is this policy that must indeed be robust and muscular. The present and future governments must not be cowed through fear of accusations of Xenophobia. Immigration policy must be based on our own interests, the need to fill any skills gap first and foremost, and not to serve the interest of the immigrants first unless they are of course genuine refugees or seeking asylum through humanitarian distress.

There must be a fundamental review of multiculturalism and steps taken to abandon it altogether. Britain must be a place where people come to settle, live and work and fully assimilate and integrate with the host population and not a place that is looked upon as a political framework in which various cultures co-exist.

Successive governments have failed to address the issues of what happens when large numbers of people with different cultural, religious and political traditions arrive and who want to do much more than express their diversity through such things as festivals and traditional foods.

We have seen whole communities establish their own separate cultural-religious political entities such as in Tower Hamlets and we have done nothing about it – so it is hardly surprising when we see the abuse of our democracy through postal vote fraud or the attempted radicalisation of some of our schools.

In the United States, immigrants are welcomed but the system in place by the US government ensures all children when they go to school are Americans. Yes they retain their cultural and religious identities but they are expected to salute the flag and sing the anthem, learn about the constitution and American history and become a full member of society.

In the United States, nobody allows a person’s faith to command a higher loyalty than their patriotic citizenship. We could learn from this. British Politicians must act.


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