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CAGE Outrage: Political correctness is just as dangerous for Britain as radicalisation

Monday, March 02, 2015


Well I have heard a lot of rubbish talked in the last week when it comes to the issue of extreme ‘Islamic ideology.’ The plight of three young girls who have gone off to join Islamic State and the IS apologists at the inappropriately named ‘CAGE’ think tank reinforced to me just what a sorry state we have to come to in our country when dealing with this menace.

Like me, I am sure many of you are getting just a little bit annoyed at being told anyone who is not of the Islamic faith in Britain is somehow to blame for the radicalisation of young Muslims into this extreme Islamic ideology.

Err, No actually, we are not to blame. Neither are the security services or the police. This victim mentality that has become entrenched in our society fuelled by the liberal left and do-gooders at Channel 4 and the BBC is fast becoming a joke and a sick one at that. They regularly attempt to make excuses for the behaviour of a minority of extreme and violent Muslims living among us and the passive sympathy they receive from hundreds of thousands of their Muslim brothers and sisters.

Take these young 15 year old girls for example. In one breath, we are told they are bright, articulate, educated young people destined to be a success in life. Then we are led to believe that they are thick, impressionable girls seduced by beheadings, people being burned alive in cages and manipulated over the internet to join the Islamic State. Well I don’t buy it and Muslim ‘mouth-pieces’ have no right to try and lay the responsibility at our door.

Then we get these people from the think tank ‘CAGE’ albeit with a straight face trying to tell us that their pin up boy, ‘Jihadi John’ was a nice, gentle chap that would not hurt a fly. If it was not for M15 and British foreign policy he would be a happy go lucky guy, instead he is currently the world’s most notorious terrorist.

Let us be clear, we have no responsibility for these idiots, regardless of their ages. They make a conscious decision to do what they are doing. If we have any responsibility at all, it is letting them get on the plane to Turkey in the first place. It would not surprise me if political correctness in our society made us so fearful of being labelled Islamophobic or racist that officials do not stop and question individuals like this before they leave the country.

This obsession with political correctness and mindful of the cultural sensitivities of the Muslim community in Britain is making us and them less safe and contributing to this radicalisation they are bleating on about. And what good has all of this appeasement of this particular community done us? We have child grooming on an industrial scale completely ignored, postal vote fraud and voter intimidation passed off as isolated incidents, the daily exposure of criminal activity, benefit fraud, terrorism, corruption and cronyism within the Muslim community the fault of the right wing media.

I will tell you what good it has done us, none. The latest polls and attitude surveys of the British Muslim community show almost a quarter sympathise with the terrorist that carried out the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris and 1 in 5 believe that Islam is incompatible with a modern, progressive, liberal democracy. The only silver lining to these polls is that at the moment, a majority of British Muslims believe it is right to feel loyalty to our country and that the laws should be obeyed. How long will that last? Imagine what these results would be if we did not pursue the politically correct agenda and policy of appeasement we currently do?

We have terrorist apologists from CAGE, we have hate preachers, we have sympathy for violence among hundreds of thousands of British Muslims and we do nothing about it. This has to stop. We have created an ‘enemy within’ and we have to eliminate it. Otherwise, the danger of extreme Islamic ideology and its poisonous narrative continuing to infect the minds and attitudes of British Muslims and undermine British society will grow to even more dangerous levels.

It is time to face down the Muslim mouth-pieces, terrorist apologists and hate preachers. If they do not like British foreign policy or do not want to live in a modern, progressive, liberal democracy then they can give up their British nationality and go and live in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan and elsewhere where they will be able to soak up all the pure Islamic doctrine they can manage.

It is time to fight back in Britain and defend our country, our culture and history and we can start by stopping being ashamed of who we are and what we stand for.




we should be more open minded, embrace our differences, not defend, or right, simply accept and love one another, hateful religions will eventually die out, but fear will destroy us all much sooner and you as a proponent of that fear are making things worse for us all.


It was time to face down the muslim mouthpieces 20 yrs ago.


Whenever I can, I urge people to read the Quran and make up their own minds regarding the core tenets of Islam. It's not a long read - shorter than the New Testament and has to be the most important text in the world today. Not reading it leaves you at the mercy of interpretation by others, many of whom are likely to have their own agenda. Please, take the time to read the book, you will not regret being so accurately informed.

Stacie Gunter

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