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We don’t need an emergency brake Prime Minister, we need control of the steering wheel.

Friday, January 29, 2016


The much heralded Conservative government’s re-negotiation of our EU membership becomes more farcical as each day passes.

We have the British Prime Minister embarrassing himself and our country by running around various European capitals on his hands and knees begging for some form of re-negotiation that he thinks he can sell to the British public. Well I have news for the PR flashman, you will have to do much better than that.

It is not enough for him to shame himself and our country by begging the very people that we as a nation saved from themselves by our example and exertions twice in the last century, no, our posh boy Prime Minister, born with two silver spoons up his backside has now decided that we will settle for almost anything that vaguely looks like a concession.

The truth is Prime Minister, we don’t need an emergency brake on EU migration, what we need is control of the steering wheel. Unless we have complete control of our borders to implement sensible immigration control, everything else is meaningless.

Now we are used to the rhetoric of the Prime Minister. He spouts daily about cracking down on radicalisation in the UK, EU reform, scrapping the excesses of the human rights act, immigration controls and all the rest of it. The truth is, he delivers absolutely nothing and will not do so on this occasion either. Remember, when we were hit with a £1.7billion bill for additional EU contributions last year? The flashman strode onto the stage banging his fist, no way are we paying up. Guess what happened? We paid up.

So we are now told that his demand that EU migrants cannot claim in work benefits in the UK for four years is being watered down to an ‘emergency brake’. If the EU judge that the UK is suffering from undue pressure on public services, they may vote to allow such a brake to be applied for a limited time up to four years but only in exceptional circumstances. Who is actually running this country of ours? The democratically elected government of the people or unelected, nobody’s in Brussels? We know the answer to that question as well.

The idea, Prime Minister, of your re-negotiation is to repatriate powers from Brussels to Westminster. It is called ‘Sovereignty.’

This so-called re-negotiation is a scam. Dave is in an awful mess. Yes he can rely on his lap dogs in Cabinet to support his weak re-negotiation – but he will not convince the rest of us that this is a meaningful re-negotiation and a fundamental change in our relationship with the EU.

The EU leaders have run rings around our PM. Can you imagine Margaret Thatcher behaving like this? Then again, I could not imagine any proper Conservative leader behaving like this and at the minute we just don’t have one. 


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