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A Genuine Anglophile & Brexiteer: The Trump era brings great expectations for the Special Relationship.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


As British PM, Theresa May heads to Washington DC, she will be the first world leader to meet the newly inaugurated US President Trump.

There’s no doubt top of the agenda for their first meeting will be the fact Donald Trump's Presidency offers new hope for a post-Brexit US/UK free trade deal. 

As human beings, their relationship will be the same as any two people who meet and have to work together. 

Good, bad or just good enough? Either way, I think our PM will be able to hold her own.

A Consistent Brexit Supporter

Who can forget when Obama unwisely entered the frenzy of the EU referendum campaign warning that we would be at the "back of the queue" on a trade deal if we chose to leave. 

I wonder if David Cameron regrets that scripted joint-podium moment?

Trump, both on the campaign trail and since his election, has been an enthusiastic supporter of Brexit and trade. 

He called for the UK to leave the EU, warning that Europe's, and Germany's decision in particular, to accept millions of migrants had proved to be a "disaster."

President Trump made it clear how he would have voted saying “I think if I was from Britain I would want to go back to a different system.” 

At the time I think it was a little brushed off by ‘remainers’, as their money, and a lot of other people’s, was on Hillary to win.

Regardless of what he thinks about Brexit he is certainly no fan of the EU. He once said, "I’ve dealt with the European Union and it’s very bureaucratic."

A Genuine Affection for the UK

Theresa May goes into this new relationship, viewing the much-publicised reinstated bust of Sir Winston Churchill with optimism, for Donald Trump does think a lot about the UK.

Indeed we were treated to a classic Trump quote when he said “Britain’s been a great ally…With me, they’ll always be treated fantastically.”

Unlike those who have gone before him, Mr. Trump is a true Anglophile, his mother was born in Scotland and he seems to adore the Royal Family especially Her Majesty The Queen.

Although not always smooth sailing, President Trump has business interests in the UK and two world-class golf courses in Scotland.

I’ve only covered two aspects here; there’s enough to write a book. 

President Trump in less than a week has, as one person tweeted, been more productive than the last guy was in eight years.

I’ll get to NATO, climate change, what ‘America First’ will mean and let’s not forget ‘the wall as they develop, no doubt at a pace.

For now the world is watching to see how much influence, if any, Theresa May will have with the new President and what the special relationship is really worth?

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