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The mainstream parties know UKIP are right on immigration; they just can’t admit it

Monday, October 13, 2014


The results of the Clacton and Heywood and Middleton By-Elections demonstrated the resilience of UKIP in the light of a concerted smear campaign by the three main political parties and some of their friends in the media and the weakness and insincerity of Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg in the eyes of the voters.

The smear campaign against UKIP has waned a little in recent weeks as the main parties and the media realise that trying to portray UKIP as a racist party simply holds no credibility with the population at large.

Farage's UKIP are seen as the only party having an honest conversation with voters

On the contrary, UKIP are seen as the only party having an honest conversation about the effect immigration/migration is having on the cultural landscape in Britain and on jobs and public services.

We have seen the Labour Party and their supporters in Britain start from a point of near hysteria that UKIP and Nigel Farage were wanting to bring about the equivalent of a fourth reich in Britain to Harriet Harman, on the Andrew Marr show, accepting on behalf of her party the inclusion in their election manifesto of a number of immigration measures that have been UKIP policy for years. A week is certainly a long time in politics, Harriet!

As for the Conservatives, well David Cameron began the smear campaign. What was it? "fruitcakes, loons and closet racists." Well if they were racists, the UKIP leadership would have been arrested and charged, seeing as racism is a criminal offence or banned as a political party. Clearly they are not racist, but for a while it suited Cameron and co to try these tactics that have backfired spectacularly. So now, it would seem, we have a new tactic, “vote UKIP and get Miliband.” Well the people are not listening to that one either, “vote UKIP, get UKIP” is the message coming back from voters.

The truth is UKIP have been the only party who has sincerely attempted to debate the issue of immigration and talk frankly about it. All the other parties have adopted 'a head in the sand' approach with a hope that it will go away.

Yes, we have had the customary sound bites following defeats in the 2014 Local, Euro and recent By-Elections. We are told that the main party leaders are listening and will change course. Of course, nothing is seen to change and that is why the public's cynicism with politicians continues. They just don't believe a word they say.

UKIP therefore have been the beneficiaries of their own honesty and frankness on the issue. Yes, sometimes their language has been clumsy. Yes, some of the people representing their party have said and done some foolish things (that is hardly exclusive to one political party) but at least they have attempted to debate the issue that concerns millions and millions of voters.

So why is immigration important?

Immigration has historically been a good and positive thing for Britain. It has helped drive our economy and enriched our society and understanding of other people, their cultures and practices and in the main that has been a good thing. Britain has always been a country that has provided safe haven to those in genuine humanitarian distress seeking refuge from persecution and war. We can be proud of our record and should remain committed to ensuring this approach.

But immigration today has moved along way from this historical understanding. Immigration today is an uncontrolled, chaotic, mismanaged mess. It’s characterised by criminal gangs, along with unscrupulous employers, trafficking low paid workers, driving down wages, exploiting men and women economically and sexually. It’s seen as putting a huge strain on public services and changing the cultural landscape in many parts of Britain whose communities and heritage have been carefully crafted out over centuries.

Our asylum and refugee policy is a free for all. Thousands of illegal asylum seekers and refugees arrive and go missing, aided and abetted by an army of human rights lawyers milking the taxpayer for millions pounds every year in legal aid.

Within our established immigrant communities of South Asia a failure in the main to assimilate and integrate into mainstream society continues to cause huge tensions across town and cities all over Britain.

This failure is compounded by the unwillingness of these communities to embrace fully our British cultural heritage. With this, we see a rise of Islamic militancy and extremism that promotes and supports terrorist activity, is homophobic, anti-Semitic and contradicts British values such as equality, especially for women.

The impact of immigration and EU migration will be the No.1 issue at the next election

On non-EU migration and the established immigration communities there has to be a complete change in how wider society views and treats the cultural and religious practices of our fellow citizens.

The political correctness needs to stop. Whether it is postal vote fraud or election intimidation, attempts to radicalise young people in our schools or the despicable criminal gangs that groom children on an industrial scale, the fear of being accused of racism and excessive pandering to cultural and religious sensitivities has to stop. It is not helping them or the reputation of their wider community and it certainly does not create a harmonious peaceful society for all.

EU migration is now the number one issue in many towns and cities across Britain. The sheer number of people who have arrived in the country over the last ten years has overwhelmed our public services and created an undercurrent of tension that if it goes unchecked will, I fear, explode into civil unrest the likes we have not seen before in Britain.

We should blame the politicians not the migrants

What is the answer? Well not to blame the migrants who come here and take the jobs, send the benefits back home, get on the housing list, claim benefits and use the NHS regardless of whether they have paid into it or not.

No, the blame lies squarely with the politicians of this country who signed the treaties that allowed the opportunity for millions of people living within the EU boundary to come legally into Britain and take advantage of all these things in the first place.

The time has come to decide on a fair and managed immigration policy

UKIP are right, we need a proper debate in our country on our place in the world, our future relationship/membership of the European Union and how we structure a fair, controlled and managed immigration policy that meets the needs and the serves the interests of Britain first and foremost.

We also need to debate how established and future immigrant communities should fit into wider society and how they can embrace fully the established culture, values and heritage of Britain and not just their own cultural ancestry and heritage.

These are difficult challenges for the current and next generation of politicians, but sticking our heads in the sand and shouting 'racist' at everyone who tries to debate the issues will not impress the voters.

I suspect the main political parties in Britain secretly agree with UKIP on this issue, but it is too difficult for them to say so publicly. All they have left to rely on now is that UKIP will be a passing fad and will fizzle out as we approach a general election.

I can see the discussions now in every parties HQ. “Surely the British people are not likely to vote UKIP at a general election in huge numbers, you know when it really matters… are they? Well I have news for Miliband, Cameron and Clegg, yes they are and you know why, because on this issue, immigration - UKIP have hit the mood of the country. 


Clark Kent

Absolutely spot on. I donated to Ukip this weekend, the first time I've ever been remotely motivated to do such a thing with a political party. I don't even mind if part of it goes to buy Farage a pint. Have one on me Nigel!

john sheen

You should stand for council/parliament and use much of your "Blogging" comments as a highly effective and accurate picture of the current "British" landscape. It's a brilliant piece of journalism.

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