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Obama’s special relationship with Cameron in Washington leaves the UK Labour Party fuming

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Yo Bro! Harriet Harman has got very worked up of late! How dare the Leader of the Free World endorse David Cameron’s long term economic plan, especially when Harriet and thousands of Labour activists campaigned to get President Obama elected and re-elected – treachery indeed!

So what is all the fuss about? Well, David Cameron touched down in a very wintry and cold Washington DC a couple of days ago to receive a very warm and sunny welcome from the White House. At this point Harriet’s first nostril started to steam.

Ed Miliband or course, Labour’s ‘Democrat’ from across the pond was bundled out of the back door of the White House last year after a fumbled five-minute photo opportunity. In contrast, Cameron the ‘Republican’ from across the pond was given the red carpet treatment, the opportunity to play senior International statesman, just four months before a close-call general election. Harriet’s second nostril started to steam.

Perhaps the first sign of steam coming from Harriet’s ears was when she heard that the White House is privately rooting for a Cameron victory in May. In fact one senior White House source described Ed Miliband as, and I quote, “a total doofus”. For those not familiar with the Americanisms of the English language, a doofus, is a stupid person – how about that for a special relationship!

But should Ms Harman expect anything else? She cannot expect blind loyalty from US Democrats especially when their brothers and sisters in the British Labour Party failed to back their man on the intervention in Syria. If you recall, Cameron was humiliated in the defeat in the vote in Parliament in last year, which led to Obama abandoning intervention, and I would guess being seriously unimpressed by Mr Miliband.

To say diplomatic protocol was stretched a little, is however a bit of an understatement when Mr. President went further than he should have to endorse Cameron’s economic plan in a variety of printed and broadcast media outlets.

It is clear that DC is the man DC wants to ensure the special relationship endures in May. But talk about egg on their faces if the ‘Doofus’ wins it!


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