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Spotlight on the UK Conservative Party

The Conservative Party has 331 Members of Parliament. It is the largest party in Parliament with a long history of shaping British politics.

In the 2015 General Election a Conservative Majority was returned for the first time in twenty-two years. This was an unexpected outcome as it was largely anticipated that a further coalition government would be created following the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government after the 2010 General Election.

Following the resignation of David Cameron after the shock Brexit result from the European Union a leadership contest was held for the Leader of the Conservative Party and next PM. Under the rules of the 1922 Committee, Theresa May was selected as Leader of the Conservative Party and on 13th July became Her Majesty the Queen’s 13th British Prime Minister. Mrs May becomes only the second female Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher.

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Watch: Theresa May Leader’s Speech – Conservative Party Conference 5th October 2016

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Watch: Theresa May’s first speech as Prime Minister outside No.10

Key People

  • Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party – Rt. Hon Theresa May MP
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer – Rt. Hon Phillip Hammond MP
  • Foreign Secretary – Rt Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP
  • Home Secretary – Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP

Archive Resources

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