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General Election 2015: Manifesto Pledges

The Labour Party 

The Economy

  • Cut the deficit every year (to be verified by Office for Budget Responsibility) and balance the books by 2020
  • No extra borrowing to pay for day-to-day spending
  • No change in VAT, National Insurance or lower/middle rates of income tax (current 45p top rate to be restored to 50p)
  • Zero hours contracts abolished after 12 weeks’ work
  • Non-domicile (‘non-dom’) tax status to go as part of £7.5billion tax avoidance clampdown
  • Business rates cut 1% and then frozen at that level, the most competitive in the G7 countries

Living Standards

  • Raise minimum wage to more than £8 an hour by October 2019
  • Freeze gas and electricity bills for 20 months and give regulator power to cut bills this winter
  • New 10p tax band to help lower-income workers
  • Rail fares rise only with inflation until 2017
  • Tough new water watchdog to stop bills soaring
  • Tax credits protected from further cuts


  • £2.5billion-a-year ‘Time to Care’ fund to pay for 8,000 more doctors and 20,000 more nurses
  • Guaranteed GP appointments within 48 hours and cancer tests within one week
  • 3,000 more midwives - a midwife for every new mother
  • Integrate health and social care and abolish too brief 15-minute care visits; 5,000 new care workers to support people in their homes 
  • Scrap unpopular Tory privatisation laws
  • Protect NHS from controversial TTIP trade deal with USA


  • New arrivals banned from claiming benefits for at least two years
  • 1,000 extra border staff to stop illegal immigration
  • New law to stop firms exploiting migrant workers to undercut wages
  • No child benefit for migrants whose children live abroad
  • Public sector workers in public-facing jobs made to pass tough English tests
  • Proper exit checks to count people in and out of the country

Education & Families 

  • Cut university tuition fees to £6,000 a year
  • Cap class sizes for infants and scrapping Michael Gove’s ‘free schools’ project
  • More apprenticeships plus new gold-standard qualifications for technical students
  • No more unqualified teachers in classrooms
  • Increase free childcare to 25 hours-a-week as part of national childcare service
  • Paternity leave doubled to four weeks and paternity pay boosted by over £100

Security & Defence

  • Protect loss of 10,000 police jobs 
  • Guarantee neighbourhood policing in every local area
  • Create a tough new Police Standards Authority to investigate police misconduct
  • Reintroduce proper Control Orders for terror suspects
  • Undertake strategic defence and security review in first year of Parliament
  • Push ahead with new Trident nuclear submarines


  • Scrap the highly unpopular ‘Bedroom Tax’
  • Double house-building to 200,000 new homes a year
  • End ‘land-banking’ by large developers with ‘use it or lose it’ law
  • Thousands of new homes set aside for local, first-time buyers
  • Ban on big rent increases and unfair letting agent fees
  • Landlords forced to offer three-year tenancy deals

Changing Politics 

  • Give 16 and 17-year-olds the vote from 2016
  • Replace the House of Lords with a ‘Senate of the Nations and Regions’
  • Force all parties to have election manifestos checked by independent experts
  • Cut Ministers’ pay and ban MPs from holding highly-paid second jobs
  • Hand £30billion-a-year of Whitehall cash to local areas to spend for themselves
  • Launch a ‘constitutional convention’ to reassess how Britain is governed

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