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UK General Election 2015

UK Parliament Dissolved: The 2015 General Election Officially Starts

Today David Cameron has formally announced the General Election is under way after visiting the Queen to ask for the dissolution of Parliament.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also attended Buckingham Palace in his role as President of the Privy Council.

As he returned from Buckingham Palace, Mr Cameron held a short press conference on the steps of Number 10. Mr Cameron said he would spend the coming weeks campaigning at all four corners of the United Kingdom.

Speaking in stark terms he said that Britain had been brought back from “the brink” and there was a clear choice between him and Ed Miliband as Prime Minister. At the same time he warned that if voters put Mr Miliband in Number 10 working families would face a £3,000 tax increase.

Repeating the Conservative mantra “long-term economic plan” it is clear that the party’s platform will be about trumpeting job creation and the need to stay on the right economic track to further secure the nation.

Mr Cameron stated that while he had not yet “fixed everything”, Britain was “back on her feet again.” He stated, “this election is about moving forward, and that is what, as Prime Minister here at Downing Street, I will deliver.”

There are 38 days until polling day on 7th May.

Theresa May