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What are the benefits of the political party system?

Many people today say that they can not tell the difference between political parties ‘ they’re all the same’. Often people mean politicians themselves, rather than parties. So what benefits do political parties bring… ?

A framework

Although often with a broad spectrum of views each party has a framework that people can get inspired by either enough to vote for or to join and be active in. It helps people know what they don’t like or agree with.

You know what you’re voting for at election time

Although some people will still vote for individuals and who they want to be Prime Minister or their local representative parties give a clarity at election time. The downside is, in some people’s eyes, that it is difficult to get elected if you are not part of a large party machine.


The main thing is to imagine a political system with no parties but individuals pursuing different ideas and avenues; in short political parties mean there is a coherence to agree policies; have leaders emerge and get things done.