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The eight things you won’t see on May 22 – Local and European Elections 2014

One – Many Smiling Liberal Democrats

Awful when people have been working hard for their communities; but the party’s face just doesn’t seem to fit right now.

Two – Election Fraud

Hopefully. The Electoral Commission is sending out watch-dogs to what it considers national hotspots.

Three – Any Budging from the Tory Line

They will stick to a referendum in 2017 (if you vote in a conservative government of course) but we may get some more details on the renegotiation deal that the British public will be offered.

Four – High Voting for the BNP

Unless people think they have done an amazing job in the European Parliament (the party seems to have imploded in recent years) all candidates are likely to lose.

Five – A Lower Overall Turn-out than Last Time

Now it won’t be a high as it should be but expect an increase due to the UKIP effect. People will turn out to vote them in or to keep them out.

Six – Nigel Farage in a Plane

OK, slightly mean as he did crash during his 2010 election campaign after getting tangled on a huge banner; but all survived.

Seven – Six Million Votes

That’s how many of us didn’t register to have a say. Not good but politicians need to get better at understanding why.

Eight – The Result

Most councils are counting on Friday 23rd and the European election results are not until Sunday 25th – such suspens