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Parties and People

The leader of any political party holds the most power. To hire and fire. But must also be successful enough not to be fired themselves.

A party leader is usually elected by the members of the political parties. This also usually includes siting Members of Parliament. Within the Labour Party it is slightly different as due to historical links members of Trade Unions also get a vote. This often leads to analysis such as a leader ‘carried the parliamentary but not members vote’ or in ‘ they were elected by the Unions’.

Other key people in a political party structure

  • The Party Chairman – role is to connect with the party members across the country and the party leadership
  • Deputy Leaders – the Labour party elects a deputy rather than a chairman
  • The Party Treasurer – fundraising, donations and election fighting funds
  • Those in charge of selecting candidates – picking the right people to fight and win seats
  • Constituency Chairman – leading the grassroots, getting members and managing the party locally
  • Head of Communications – dealing with the press
  • Head of Election Campaign & Strategy – often an ‘inner circle’ Minister or Shadow Minister accompanied by professional advisers
  • Party Activists – the people willing often as volunteers to support candidates, give and raise money and attend party conferences