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The History of Parliament in the 20th Century and Today

Throughout the twentieth century, Parliament continued to evolve and to reform passing a number of landmark reform acts that transformed the social, political and economic landscape of the United Kingdom.

The Liberal reform acts of the early twentieth century set the scene for great social reform in the United Kingdom. Parliament came together in war time in 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 to provide leadership and comfort for the nation.

The Post-War period saw great reforms from the Labour and Conservative Parties and occasions of great parliamentary theatre with the Suez crisis of 1956, the Falklands conflict of 1982, the Westland Affair in 1986 and the Iraq War of 2003.

Since 1973, Parliament has had to manage an often strained relationship with the European Economic Community, the European Community and latterly, the European Union.

Parliament in the 20th Century and today will cover all these great events and reforms and will bring Parliament to life with contributions, interviews and commentary from some of the past and present great parliamentarians.

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